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Special General Meeting
A Special General Meeting of members and friends of the Church was held on 25th March 2012. It was called to discuss the two major problems we are facing:
• Dwindling attendance to services and other functions
• Lack of interest by the members for joining the committee

The meeting was well attended. Those present included members, friends, ex-members, ex-officio members, as well as the committee and trustees. We thanked jean Alsop, who has been Church President and a committee member for many years, and has now decided to retire, for the years she has contributed to the Church and the time she has put in.

The meeting was generally good-humoured and positive, with many ideas, explanations and possible solutions being voiced and discussed, including the possibility of closing the Church for good. The outcome was positive, however. A number of us would form an 'interim committee' whose job it is to revitalise the Church, and bring back the wonderfully warm, vibrant, caring and supportive atmosphere we have known from past times, and has characterised Watford Church for so long in the eyes of many people. And, perhaps our most important task is to gain more members to regularly attend our Sunday Services and other events.

This interim committee is made up of Sandy Evason, Ian Fyles and Linda Andrews acting as joint Presidents. Acting Treasure is Tony Kirby. Acting Secretary is Sharon Barden. The rest of the committee consists of Michael O'Brien, Paul Barrett, Chris Andrews and Deanna Swmbulu. Adrian McAuley is a co-opted member.

At the time of writing (15th April 2012) this interim committee has met twice. And with the help of our members, ex-members and friends I believe we can indeed achieve the goal set out at that Special General Meeting.

This wonderful poem was read to us at the Sunday service 15 April this year by Deanna Swmbulu.
Written by her mother it depicts the wonders to be seen in nature.

My eyes have seen the wonder of a kestral's hovering flight
And I have often marvelled at the keenness of his sight,
For how could it be possible for anything to see
A little mole, a tiny vole, or may be even me
From such an incredible staggering height,
Yes, I have seen the wonder of a kestral's hovering flight.

My eyes have seen the wonder of a squirrel in the trees
Jumping like an acrobat and disappearing in the leaves
Deep inside a hollow tree trunk once I peeped
And there I saw a squirrel deep in winter's sleep.
With his little store of nuts and acorns lying all around
Squirrel sleeps so silently his breath the only sound.

I have seen the glory of a butterfly's birth
Shaking a hard chrysalis from it's tiny girth
And I waited until the sun dried it's delicate wings
I have gazed in wonder at this tiny little thing,
From such a hard exterior comes a tiny little wonder
With enough colour to put any artist asunder.

I have seen the balance of nature both cruel and kind
And it has helped to ease my sometimes troubled mind
If we could only live our lives in exactly the same way
There wouldn't be the hardships that we have today.
Yes, life is a miracle, that no one can deny,
And that miracle is here, under god's clear blue sky.

Tina Spall

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The 'NEWS' page
Welcome to the first edition of the 'News' page.

I have given it this name although this may not be completely accurate. Perhaps a better title would be 'News and Miscellany'.

This is a magazine page - as well as news it will carry writings, poems, and items of a spiritual, seasonal and 'magical' nature.

Your Contributions
Your contributions are vital to this space. I want them - lots of them! Give me your poems, your insights and your feelings. Make us think, make us laugh, make us wonder.

Well, I've started this off with some important news about the Church's future, and a wonderful poem. I hope you enjoy this page and I look forward to your comments, and your contributions.
Chris Andrews

Email: chris@chrisandrewswebdesign.co.uk

CHURCH NOTICES: these sentences actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services.
The Fasting and Prayer Conference includes meals.

The Sermon this morning: "Jesus Walks on the Water"
The Sermon this evening: "Searching for Jesus"

Ladies, don't forget the Rummage Sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.

The peacemaking meeting scheduled for today has been called cancelled due to conflict.

Don't let worry kill you off. Let the church help.

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