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This is the page in which I get to show some of the important, interesting and perhaps also a few of the more obscure moments from our church history. I plan to raid the back copies of our Newsletter (not currently being published), and find other sources from which to gather interesting bits of flotsam from our collective past.

I hope this works and that you, dear surfer, will enjoy seeing these little snippets of our history that may find themselves, from time to time, caught up within the contents of this page.

The headline says it all! We Did It! This was the front page of the January 1990 edition of the Church Newsletter after the Church Warming and Dedication Service in our new Estcourt Road building.

I have a copy of the Church Newsletter dating from May 1958. This really is a wonderful snippet from our past. I have begun by digitising the first three pages, which are available for you to see. I plan to do the remainder of the publication later this year. Please enjoy this piece of our history.

We all know what the golden brass cross looks like on the table at church. What gave it the 'Halo' I captured in a photo when I was in the church on the afternoon Lyn Bowman passed to spirit? I don't know. But the effect has never been duplicated.

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