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Lyn's Cross
Long time friend and Church member, Lyn Bowman was promoted to the higher life on Wednesday 16th November 2005 following a long illness.

I was in the church during that afternoon, and as soon as I entered the building I had an irrisistable urge to take a photo of the platform with its table and cross etc. I had no explanation for this, but it seemed very important that I should not think about it - just take the picture.

I usually took a small camera with me whenever I was at the church, on the offchance there might be something that could go into the Newsletter or on the website. I was quite amazed at the result of this quick shot.

photo of 'Lyn's Cross' showing halo effect

This cross was very important to Lyn. I took this picture (above) on the afternoon of the day she passed to spirit. When I first saw the 'halo' around the cross I felt sure it was more than a chance optical effect.

I have taken more photo's of the cross in an attempt to recreate the misty phenomenon. Using the same camera and standing in the same place, I am unable to get the same effect. The picture below was taken on 14th December 2005. It shows the 'normal' reflections from the cross.
      Chris Andrews

photo of 'Lyn's Cross' with normal reflections

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