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What is Psychology?

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What is psychology?
Why do we need psychology?
Who can be a psychologist?
Types of psychologist

What is Psychology?
Psychology is a combination of science and practice. Psychologists are interested in how people act, react and interact as individuals and in groups.

The practice of psychology is supported by the teaching and research of academic psychologists, and the subject is taught at all levels within education. Think of any question about how and why humans do the things they do, and the chances are that a psychologist somewhere will be researching it to find the scientific answer and further our understanding.

Researchers construct questions about and look for answers to a wide range of issues relating to human behaviour in a variety of contexts, taking both biological and social factors into account. The knowledge gained is used by applied psychologists and other professionals in almost every setting.

Psychologists work all around you. Clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, counselling and health psychologists work in health and social care. Their aim is to prevent illness and improve health.

Educational psychologists work within schools and with families and communities to ensure that children and young people make the most of their potential.

Occupational psychologists aim to improve organisational effectiveness and well-being in the workplace. Forensic psychologists work in various 'legal' settings - prisons, courts and with the police - striving for a fair and effective legal system.

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