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Chrislin - singing and songwriting
1967 - 2017
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Chrislin's videos 2020


Songs, Gigs and Social Media
At the moment Chrislin are only doing short spots at the occasional Open Mic, so I'm using this website and U-tube to promote these new songs. The internet is good as it gives me access to a vast audience - but nothing beats a live performance.

2021 home & WOM videos

Song for G C     December 2021

The second time around     December 2021

Emily     December 2021

Alright with me     September 2021

Seventeen roses     September 2021

Mad world     September 2021

Leaving on a jet plane     September 2021

Nothing to lose, Somewhere, All you can do is dream, Frankie & Molly     7th September 2021

Misfits, Train Blues, Heaven is closed, Will you still love me tomorrow?     10th August 2021

All you can do is dream     August 2021

Heaven is closed     August 2021

Will you still love me tomorrow?     August 2021

Only you     August 2021

Train Blues     June 2021

Mad World     June 2021

Summertime     April 2021

The Songwriter     April 2021

Blue Moon     February 2021

After The Rain     February 2021

Dream     January 2021

Sailing Away     January 2021

2020 home videos

No No No     December 2020

Don't go getting sentimental on me     December 2020

Somewhere     December 2020

The second time around     December 2020

Leaving on a jet plane     September 2020

Frankie and Molly     June 2020

Love song     June 2020

Sailing away     April 2020

Leaving on a jet plane     April 2020

Sloop John B     March 2020

Last song together     March 2020

Seventeen Roses     WOM September 2018

One of the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic is the temporary closure of all clubs, pubs, restaurants, theatres etc. This means the Pump House theatre and the Colne Valley room remain closed.
Along with many other WOM members Lin and I are still singing but for now our performances are filmed at home and shared on the WOM facebook page. We will be back in the Colne Valley room later in the year. For now, these are our songs.
Chris Andrews - March 2020

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