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1967 - 2017
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Although we have worked together since 1967, we first used the name Chrislin in August 1988 when starting our first new band since Cabin Studios opened. Sadly, in July 1992, 8 years after its opening, the Cabin Studios finally closed. I also took a 'short break' from bookings.

In 2003 Linda joined an acapella choir - 'Global Harmony'. They are based in St Albans and sing at occasional events and concerts. Most years they also put on their own Winter Concert. Since 2005 Linda has been involved with the charity Water Aid. Each September they hold a fund-raising concert 'Sing For Water'. Up to a thousand voices join together at 'The Scoop' (next to City Hall, on London's South Bank).

I've recently put together a new studio, and I've started songwriting again. Lin and I go down to Watford Open Mic as often as we can, and work on songs in the studio. You will also find a page where you can link to mp3's of some of our latest work.

Sadly, many of our old friends are no longer alive, and this site is a small tribute to them. It is also dedicated to Dennis and Phil who I believe are still working. And Dave Vernon who did many studio sessions, and gigs with us. And if there's anyone else who remembers playing in one of our bands or recording at The Cabin Studios, Watford, and would like to say 'Hi,' please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Chris and Lin

Taking photos and making recordings of our gigs never seemed important back in those early days. We were more concerned with getting work, choosing the right songs and getting our sound right.

The first publicity pics were taken to promote Cabin Studios in 1985. We also have a few shots of me sitting in with Freeway, or recording their gigs. In 1988 we took a few Chrislin promo pics.

The Denham charity gig
Denham charity gig
Chris with 'Freeway'

Global Harmony
Lin, at 'Global Harmony's' winter concert

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Most of the recordings I made were in the studio, although I also had a mobile unit for recording gigs.

Most of these sessions were mastered for cassette tapes to be sold at gigs, and I would frequently produce batches of 100 or more. This included artwork and typesetting for the inlay card. We also produced several 7" singles and an album.

Earlier this year I finally got my new studio set up: Chrislin will soon be recording - and, hopefully, doing some videos too - of some old and new songs.

xxx   Chris recording 'Freeway'  
'Sing for Water' - 2011
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